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As a child growing up in Jeffersonville, GA Lillie began her singing career in the cotton fields. The 6th child of 10 children she was considered the songbird within her family. She dedicated her life to God at a young age and sung God's praises in the choir at Old Marion Baptist Church. At the age of 18 she moved to New York City, where she continued to sing in various choirs. After going back home for a visit, she discovered she could sing country and western gospel. Her long time favorite country western singer Charlie Pride inspired her to sing country western gospel. Presently Lillie sings both Gospel and Country and Western Gospel also known as "Southern Gospel". She desires to produce a Southern Gospel CD and hopes this will be her next project. It is with great pleasure to introduce to some and present to others the new voice in the Gospel industry Sis. Lillie Hill Watts.

Thanks from Lillie… First giving honor to God who allowed me to sing praises unto Him. I would like to thank everyone for their continued support down through the years. The birth of my first CD "It's Here" is a vision that was written a long time ago but has now come into reality. To all of my fans who kept the faith and prayed for me, I thank you. A special thank to my husband, Dea. Shumpert Watts who is my producer, friend, coach, and partner for giving me support and encouraging me to keep the faith. To my family I also say thank you for standing by me during the release of this CD. I hope you enjoy listening to my CD and may God continue to Bless each and every ear who hears it.

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